What happens when I order?

When you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation. When we receive your order, we call you to confirm your order over the phone, this is to make sure that you are ready to receive the order, and to make sure that the phone number you provided is one you can actively answer (the trucking company will need it to schedule a delivery appointment with you).

Once your order has been confirmed we will send the information to our fulfilment team for processing.

Standard Delivery

Our standard delivery service will bring your items to your door-side. Shipping Containers are very heavy, so please make sure you have some help to bring it inside and sign confirming your delivery.

All deliveries are Doorstep Delivery. We do not offer inside delivery.

Doorstep means that the driver will provide a lift-gate to lower the pallet to the ground level, but the receiver is responsible for bringing your product inside.

Will I get a tracking number?

Of course! We’ll send you tracking information as soon as it becomes available from the trucking company.

If you don’t see your shipment on the carrier’s website right away, don’t worry. It can take several hours or sometimes longer to go through their system.

How long does my order take to arrive?

Orders are usually shipped from the warehouse within 1-2 business days after we have confirmed the payment for your order with you.

Depending on your location, you can expect your order to be delivered within 4-7 days after it leaves the warehouse.

What should I do when I receive my items?

You’ll receive receiving instructions in your email from our shipping department. It’s very important that you, or anyone who will receive the delivery, reads and follows the instructions.  Otherwise, you may be responsible for damaged items.

If you have any questions regarding receiving instructions for your order, please contact us.

The trucking company will try calling you at the phone number you provided when you placed the order to schedule a delivery appointment. They require an over-the-phone appointment with the recipient before they attempt to make a delivery, so please make sure to provide a phone number you can actively answer.

International Orders

We can ship some items internationally.  Please contact us to create a custom quote for you.


Please note, if any of these additional charges applies to your order, you will be notified before the delivery is made. We will not proceed without your confirmation. 

Also, If you have any questions about shipping cost or additional fees, please feel free to contact us prior to ordering, we can also give you an accurate shipping quote over the phone.

In rare cases, shipping may cost more than the price you see and pay on our website. Why does this happen? What are your options if it does? See below for answers.

 Freight companies sometimes incur additional costs, because it costs them more to ship to some addresses than others.

– The reasons vary, but are most often due to remote locations, country roads, high freight tax jurisdictions, residential addresses, limited access deliveries, etc. When they incur this cost, they pass it on to us.

 We won’t know if your address is subject to this additional cost until our team starts coordinating your order, after you’ve paid for it. If you’ve been in contact with us before placing your order, we may be able to catch it ahead of time.

 Re-consignment fee (if you wish to change the shipping address after it has already left our facility, or if the trucking company has to make a second attempt at delivery if you are not present during the first attempt).

– Holding Fee. If the shipment has left our facility and the trucking company has made several attempts to contact you to schedule a delivery appointment; and they are unable to contact you for several days, then depending on the location they may charge you a daily holding fee, or you may be charged for the shipment to come back to our facility. (This is why we call you to confirm before shipping out).

Since very few of our orders are subject to any additional shipping fees, shipping rates listed on our website, and paid at the time of purchase, do not include these additional costs.

For the few addresses that are affected by these rates, there are a couple of options.

1. Ship to another address. Most often, the additional cost is because the address is difficult to pull a very large truck into – often a building that is, or was previously a residence. In this case, they will have to offload your item(s) and load them onto a smaller truck, causing the expense. Most of our customers who fall into this category have another, more accessible commercial address. You can simply ship to the alternate address and avoid the cost altogether.

2. Pay the additional fee. Nobody likes unexpected costs. We understand that. If we could warn you ahead of time, we really would. We always recommend to give us a call if you can, we can always give you an accurate shipping rate over the phone.